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We work with our clients to bring out the natural beauty of each property by delivering a complete portfolio of media services. We accomplish this by offering an entire suite of services ranging from HDR photographs from the ground as well as the air so that potential buyers can get a bird’s eye view of everything a property has to offer. Our services also include 3D scans that can be uploaded into the MLS. This gives potential buyers access to a fully customizable tour of the property for a truly unique experience. Flying High Aerial Imagery also offers professional videos that serve as a unique commercial for each property that is perfect to share on social media for those agents that love to go above and beyond for their clients. We make sure that these videos cast both the seller and real estate agent in a bright light saying that they are willing to go above and beyond to make the sale as quickly as possible!

Flying High Aerial Imagery

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We are a locally-owned, Las Vegas real estate photography company, providing professional and affordable real estate photography to Las Vegas realtors which helps sell homes faster, for higher prices and get more listings!