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Aerial Real Estate Photos FAQ

How many aerial photos are included in a drone photography package? 

There is no limit on the number of pictures we will deliver to you.  We usually find that between 12-18 photos is what it takes to properly show off a listing.  Our licensed drone pilots will photograph each angle of your property at different heights in order to show off the horizon view as well as the top-down boundary views. 

Are the aerial real estate photos edited? 

Yes, we do blue sky replacement, add boundary markings, remove cars from driveways and streets, clean stains on driveways, make pools look clean and blue, remove garbage cans or anything else that distracts from your listing.  All at no extra charge!!



How long to set up an appointment time for an aerial real estate photo shoot? 

Please allow 24 hours in advance to schedule a drone real estate photography photoshoot, as long as the listing is not within a 5 mile radius of an airport.  In order to legally fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport you have to have permission from the FAA (which may take up to a few days or weeks). 

Are you properly insured and in compliance with the FAA? Yes, we are a properly insured Las Vegas drone company and we are in full compliance with the FAA. Our Las Vegas drone operators are experienced, Part 107 licensed and our drones are fully certified, registered and marked for flight. 


Some properties are simply too large to fully capture from ground photos alone.  We send our drones up to 400 feet in the air to capture photos that are necessary to show off a property's true size and various features.  


In the case that a home doesn't have much “curb-appeal” due to trees or structures in the way of photographs taken from a ground camera, our drones can capture unique lot characteristics that can only be shown from an aerial perspective.  Aerial Photography does a great job of showing pools, basketball/tennis courts, landscaping, cul-de-sacs, patios/cabanas and so much more!

Aerial photos can also show off how close a property is to major features in the neighborhood.  Even if the property has no distinguishing features on its own, if it is located anywhere near local parks, schools, casinos, or now stadiums, that plain property now looks like prime real estate from the air!

Aerial Photography is always worth it for a scroll-stopping profile pic of your listing with our beautiful Vegas Valley mountains or Strip View in the background of your listing!   

Only about 5% of the homes on the Las Vegas MLS have Aerial Photography.  If you are looking for a way to make your listing stand out and make yourself stand out as a Realtor, use Aerial Photography on all your listings!

There are many different types of homes in Las Vegas that benefit from Aerial Photography. 

Four Ways Aerial Real Estate Photography Benefits Realtors

ONE - Aerial photography reduces days on the market by 32% on average.  TWO - They result in a higher sales price, about 5.25% on average.  THREE - Aerial photography highlights property features, landmarks, and amenities that a regular ground level shot could never show.  FOUR -Aerial photographs create a higher perceived value of both the property and the Realtor. 

Flying High Aerial Imagery

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